Features  Root Cause Analysis

Traverse greatly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of root cause analysis in complex, distributed IT environments

Real-time Alarms Triggered by User-defined Events

By creating a business‐oriented view of IT infrastructure that links and correlates all the underlying IT components supporting a business service, Traverse provides advanced root cause analysis that analyzes end‐to‐end business impact instead of just stopping at the network layer.

Real‐time alarms, configured via user-defined rules, are triggered based on events such as approaching maximum capacity, traps, log messages, user defined maintenance, etc.

The multi‐stage alarm engine provides a comprehensive escalation process to send notifications based on how long a device has been in warning or critical condition, time of day and status on repeated polling.

Traverse's built-in intelligence automatically suppresses transient flaps, and prevents alarm floods based on topology and service dependencies. In addition, Traverse’s smart suppression engine uses complex heuristics to avoid flood of alarms in redundant networks.