Features  Event Manager

Traverse fully supports event management, including collection, filtering, acknowledgement and annotation

Prioritize Actions Via User-defined Rules

Traverse collects, filters, categorizes, and displays a variety of events such as SNMP traps, Win events, and syslogs. Leveraging user-defined rules, Traverse then determines the severity of potential issues and takes the appropriate action with this event information .

Traverse supports acknowledgement and annotation of events. Selected events can be suppressed until a given time, and de‐duplication and correlation of events of the same category is supported. From the device‐level view, application users can initiate on‐demand customized actions, such as creation of remediation work tickets.

Because of the capabilities of the Business Service Containers, Traverse can immediately identify which services an event belongs to and the impact of an event on an IT or application service. Traverse integrates with most enterprise ticketing systems out of the box.