Features  SLA Manager

Traverse’s flexible SLA Manager tracks compliance against user-defined SLA metrics

Monitor from a Business-service Perspective

Traverse's SLA Manager monitors and measures SLAs from a business service perspective, which enables identifying trends and avoiding failures using proactive reporting. In addition, the SLA Manager enables IT to measure the business impact of infrastructure issues.

While traditional SLA reporting tools can give the status of an individual metric (such as internet connectivity), Traverse can measure SLA compliance of end‐to‐end IT services while keeping time of day and weekend schedules as part of its calculation.

Traverse provides a rich set of SLA features:

  • Create complex SLA metrics to reflect end‐to‐end IT or Business Services
  • Specify the hour of day and day of week during which the SLA should be calculated (e.g., avoid weekends and non‐business hours in the calculations)
  • Specify the length of the SLA compliance time interval as a day, week or month
  • Specify the time interval before the downtime is counted towards an SLA violation (e.g. a small outage of less than 30 seconds does not count towards an SLA violation)