Solutions  Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

Traverse unifies the management of physical, virtual, private-cloud and public-cloud infrastructure within one system

Fully Supports Complex Virtualized and Cloud Environments

Traverse supports cloud monitoring and management virtual environments on XenServer, KVM and Hyper-V. Traverse monitors VMware infrastructure using the native hypervisor APIs and also integrates with vCenter to provide continuous monitoring of virtual machines configured with vMotion technology. In Xen environments, Traverse supports monitoring of XenServer and Xen Clusters using the native APIs.

In public cloud networks, Traverse supports monitoring of AWS, CloudStack, OpenStack and other similar frameworks.

More importantly, Traverse maintains mappings of relationships between hosts, guests, applications and services, to support service-centric monitoring of virtualized environments.

This is enabled using Traverse’s innovative Business Service Container technology. By connecting the worlds of IT and business, Traverse identifies the affected business processes or services when problems occur in the complex, distributed and virtual IT and cloud computing infrastructure. Additionally, sophisticated trend analysis and reporting capability in Traverse enables proactive capacity planning/allocation as well.