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Traverse enables comprehensive datacenter monitoring and server monitoring for today’s complex IT infrastructure and application environments

Integrated, Service-oriented Datacenter Management

Data center complexity and the increasing demand for IT service assurance requires a new way to manage the datacenter using an integrated and service-oriented approach. The Ever-evolving technology and increasing business challenges like virtualization, server and data center consolidation, etc. require a robust server monitoring solution that includes monitoring of virtual resources. A server management solution that is proactive and up-to-date with changing technologies is an intelligent way to manage your business efficiently.

Advantages of effective server monitoring include:

  • Monitoring performance of your servers 24/7
  • Troubleshooting and resolution of bottlenecks
  • Monitoring key business services
  • Securing servers against internal and external threats
  • Analyzing server usage trends for optimal capacity planning

Traverse is a comprehensive datacenter monitoring and server monitoring software solution for modern environments that include a complex mix of IT infrastructure and applications based on next-generation technologies, such as virtualization, cloud computing and grid architectures. Traverse also monitors a variety of power and environmental equipment and infrastructure, such as, HVAC, UPS and Generators, in addition to its proven support for all IT infrastructure. Traverse is a data-agnostic and extensible platform that can monitor any data center component.

Proven Data Center Scalability

Breakthrough technology in Traverse enables unmatched horizontal scaling. An existing deployment of Traverse is monitoring close to a million metrics every 5 minutes from 10,000 servers and network devices. Traverse Datacenter is based on a 'hot failover' architecture to ensure continuous availability of multiple NOC views and application functionality. Traverse has proven itself to be capable of network and server monitoring of very large and distributed datacenters compared any other data center management tools. Traverse is being used by a large multinational company with 12 datacenters in 5 countries, and in 3 different languages. The installation has over 200 active users of the product.